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Level Overview

May 2021 - December 2022



Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Team Size: 12 (Remote)
Duration: 3 months

Colmar is the second map I created for Squad 44. The map is loosely based on the region that contained the Colmar Pocket during WWII.

The design of this level was meant to be an homage back to some of the older maps of the game, like Driel, and contains many sprawling, open fields for long-range tank and infantry engagements.

Though Colmar is designed to be a very flat map, several points of interest contain elevated hillside positions and various dense towns/villages, something that's a bit different from the older maps.


The map also features two different climate variants, fall and winter. During winter, bodies of water such as the Rhine River are frozen, allowing infantry and vehicles to cross over. 



- Created a basic block-out for an idea of POI placement and flow.

- Created 2D block-out maps in Photoshop for exterior and interior planning.

- Sculpted and painted terrain using UE4's built-in terrain editing tools.

- Placed assets and set-dressed exterior and interior POIs.

- Collaborated with 3D Artists on environment art requirements.

- Worked alongside project leads and QA to design and meet expectations of flow, historical accuracy, and environmental composition.

- Designed a 2D map in Photoshop to be used as a player minimap for the level.

- Worked alongside project leads and QA to optimize the map.

- Researched WW2 era reference photos to concept parts of the map and maintain historical accuracy.

- Set up several gameplay layers using Post Scriptum's proprietary layer creation system.

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